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Confer Plastics Inc. is an industry leader in the pool steps industry. We offer a complete line that is truly innovative and very affordable. Below you will find information regarding our various options for getting in and out of your aboveground and inground swimming pool, from the Pool Entry System to the Confer Step to the new Curve system.

Confer Plastics, Inc. does not sell ladders and steps directly to the public. Instead we rely on a widespread international distribution and dealer network. To find a dealer in your area please refer to the dealer locator in the toolbar above.

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The Curve Inpool Step System

  • Available in four configurations; two for aboveground and two for inground
  • Start with the base step unit (staircase) and then expand into a complete Curve system at any time
  • Curve system has the sweeping “wedding cake” look that many homeowners want in a pool step
  • Four tread unit is for above ground pools
  • Three thread unit is for inground pools
  • Above ground unit can be assembled with treads curving inwards or outwards depending on customer preferences
  • Eye-catching, graceful sloping handrails
  • Two tone color – grey treads with warm grey (beige) sidewalls and handrails. Complements any swimming pool!
  • Adjustable base pads to compensate for a slightly-dished pool floor
  • Can be shipped by UPS or Fed-Ex
  • Easy assembly with no hardware required

Curve Step Specifications

  • Weight limit: 400 lbs.
  • Tread width: 27”
  • Thread depth: 10”
  • Riser height: 11”
  • Unit depth: 32”
  • Handrail height from top step: 30”
  • Height to top tread for inground step: 36”
  • Height to top tread for aboveground step: 47”
  • Mounting bracket length: 24”
  • Overall outside width: 38”
  • Complete Curve system width: 58”

Available in following configurations:

  • Model #CCX-AG: Confer Curve base (staircase) 4-step for aboveground. MSRP: $299.99
  • Model #CCX-AG-2: Confer Curve add-on unit for aboveground. MSRP: $179.99
  • Model CCX-IG: Confer Curve base (staircase) 3-step for inground: MSRP: $299.99
  • Model CCX-IG-2: Confer Curve add-on unit for inground. MSRP: $179.99

Pool Entry System

Designed for all people including elderly swimmers and physically challenged swimmers:

  • Five steps, instead of four.
  • Top step covers the pool top rail.

Can be installed in two configurations:

  • Model #PES-1: One unit to be used inside the pool off a deck.
  • Model #PES-DBL: Two units can be combined, making a complete entry system inside and outside the pool. Comes complete with our #PES-G Gate System.
  • Model #PES-G: Gate System for two combined Pool Entry Systems.

The unique design of the pool entry system allow two units to be joined together to form a complete entry/exit system into the pool.

  • Meets current and proposed ANSI/NSPI Standards
  • Easy assembly; steps and risers snap into side panels and are held in place with plastic wedges. No metal parts.
  • Non-slip step surfaces are grey for high visibility.
  • Adjusts to fit 48" to 54" tall pools and decks.
  • Excellent for elderly, slightly handicapped, or heavy swimmers. Holds over 400 pounds.
  • Does not rest on or attach to pool.
  • Side openings allow water to circulate through unit to inhibit algae growth.
  • All plastic construction will not affect water chemistry and will not corrode.
  • Gate for #PES-DBL restricts access to the pool. It is self-closing and self-latching. Satisfies most building inspectors.
  • Includes deck connector for easy attachment to deck.
  • Fits decks up to 54" or can fit taller decks using special mounting instructions.
  • MSRP: Model #PES-1: $499
  • MSRP: Model #PES-DBL: $1199


  • Overall Projection into pool - 36"
  • Overall height - 81" (plus up to 6" adjustability)
  • Overall width - 31"
  • Step - 10" x 27"
  • Top Platform - 12" x 27"
  • Handrail height (from top step) - 32"
  • Riser height - 11"


  • Height of Gate - 58"
  • Width of Gate - 27"
  • Height of Latch - 57"
  • Gate Is Self-Closing & Self-Latching
  • Includes Padlock

Confer Step
  • For above ground pools with flat bottoms.
  • Easy, snap together installation
  • Can be shipped via UPS/RPS
  • Large, flat steps (each with 270 square inches) complete with two all-plastic handrails
  • Mounting brackets included; secures unit to pool or deck
  • Side openings allow water circulation behind unit to inhibit algae growth
  • Gray steps for high visibility in water
  • Economical, yet strong; holds 400 pounds.
  • Improved base system
  • MSRP: $299.99
  • Model #Step-1

Confer Step Specs

  • Fits Decks up to 60"
  • Height to Top Step - 47 inches
  • Height to Handrail - 38 inches
  • Projection into Pool - 32 inches
  • Width - 31 inches
  • Riser Height - 11 inches
  • Step Dimensions - 10" x 27"

Confer Step Enclosure Kit
  • Allows you to connect and enclose two Confer Steps for an economical entry system.
  • Fits 48" to 54" pools.
  • Consists of top platform, two side rails, pickets, and gate. The gate completely encloses the steps for security, and is self-enclosing and self-latching.
  • Padlock Included
  • Note: #Step-1 Units not included; must be purchased separately.
  • MSRP: $359.99
  • Model #STEP-ENC

8100 Ground-to-Step Entry Ladder
  • When combined with our Curve step it forms an economical entry/exit system
  • Outside treads swing up into an upright position for security. Padlock included
  • Note: Curve inpool step unit not included; must be purchased separately
  • Weight guideline: 300 lbs.
  • MSRP: $169.99

“Safe and Secure” System - Step/Inpool/Gate

  • Satisfies most building inspector and insurance requirements in most states
  • Self-closing, self-latching gate restricts access to pool
  • Gate includes self-closing mechanism (see inset photo) for a sure close everytime
  • Gate includes padlock for complete security
  • Inpool ladder takes up minimal space inside pool
  • Steps and ladder can be separated and used individually if a deck is built
  • Inpool ladder features anti-entrapment barrier
  • Model #S.I.G.
  • MSRP: $739.99

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